The Art of Saying No


Stop Being A People Pleaser! Learn How To Set Boundaries And Say NO – Without Feeling Guilty! Are you fed up with people taking advantage of you? Are you tired of coworkers, friends, and family members demanding your time and expecting you to give it to them?

If so, THE ART OF SAYING NO is for you.



Imagine being able to turn down requests and decline invitations with confidence and poise. Imagine saying no to people asking you for favors, and inspiring their respect in the process.

DOWNLOAD The Art Of Saying NO: How To Stand Your Ground, Reclaim Your Time And Energy, And Refuse To Be Taken For Granted (Without Feeling Guilty!)

Amazon bestselling author, Damon Zahariades, provides a step-by-step, strategic guide for setting boundaries and developing the assertiveness you need to maintain them. You’ll learn how to say no in every situation, at home and in the workplace, according to your convictions. And best of all, you’ll discover how to get your friends, family members, bosses, coworkers, and neighbors to respect your boundaries and recognize your personal authority.

In THE ART OF SAYING NO, you’ll discover:
  • My personal struggle with being a people pleaser (and how I overcame the habit!)
  • The top 11 reasons we tend to say yes when we know we should say no
  • 10 simple strategies for turning people down with finesse
  • Why saying no to people doesn’t make you a bad person (the opposite is true!)
  • The best way to develop the habit of setting personal and professional boundaries
  • How to know whether you’re a people pleaser (and how to gauge the severity of the problem)

Grab your copy of THE ART OF SAYING NO today! Start taking control of your life by learning how to say that simple, beautiful word: “No.”


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