5 Simple Steps to Come Up with a Perfect Title for Your Non-Fiction Book

Non-Fiction books are a great way to share your expertise and knowledge with the world. But before you can do that, you have to come up with an attention-grabbing title! Most authors know that the title is key to the success of their book. It’s what draws readers in and helps them decide whether or not they want to buy your book.

A good title will not only help readers find your book on Amazon or other sites, but it can also work as keywords for SEO purposes. In this blog post, we will discuss five simple steps to creating the perfect title.

The following five steps will help you come up with a perfect non-fiction book title for your next project:

Step One: Know Your Genre and Theme

The first step to creating a good title is knowing the type of book you are writing. For example, if your non-fiction work falls under the business or self-improvement category, then that will help determine what kind of tone to use in your book’s title.

The easiest way to identify a genre for your book is to research popular niches. For this step, consider the world’s most extensive online book library- Amazon. You can check out what popular titles are in your category of interest.

Step Two: Tailor Your Title to the Book's Audience

Once you have determined your book’s genre, think about who will be reading it. It may sound simple, but it is one of the more essential steps in creating an attention-grabbing title.

For fiction books, this can be easy – readers know that Harry Potter and Twilight are for a teen audience because of the tone and writing style.

In non-fiction writing, it can be more complicated, but you can do the same by identifying the category of people that will most benefit from the solution you provide with your book.

Step Three: Make Your Reader Curious

Another way to make your reader curious is by asking them a question. You can do this in the title or even within the book itself as part of an exercise. Asking questions that will generate curiosity and interest about the problem you seek to solve, how it works, or why they should care will help to craft a perfect title that will sell.

Step Four: Keep it Short

You want to keep your title short and sweet so that people will not lose interest. Like, if writing a how-to book, short is always the better. Try using powerful words when coming up with ideas for titles because they have a high impact.

Step Five: Brainstorm Potential Titles and Subtitles

It’s not enough to come with a single title idea at this stage. With your genre, audience, and intrigue nailed down, it is time to play around with potential title ideas. You want to come up with a list of at least ten possible titles.

Next, write down five subtitles that go along with the title you choose for your book.


To create a perfect non-fiction book title, you need to account for the three factors that will make it successful.

First and foremost, your potential audience must find worth in what you are writing about, so consider a topic in high demand or that solves a prevailing problem. Second, the title should reflect the niche so people know what they can expect from reading it. Finally, it needs to be specific for readers to see why this particular book is worth their time and money.


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