4 Amazing Tips to Learn from Wired for Uncommon Success

Wired for uncommon success is about life transformation that starts with self. I am a firm believer in the fact that you can go only as far as you allow yourself. The reason being your mindset determines your actions and behavior towards life.

As a nurse and coach, I have had to go through unpleasant experiences, some changing my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. In those dark moments, I learned that what I make of the circumstances will determine the turn my life takes.

That is what fueled writing this book.

So, I want to share four incredible tips that were pivotal in changing my belief system and propel me to act.

Goal Setting and Action Steps

The power of taking action.
Success doesn’t just happen. You have to be intentional, set specific goals and actions to take. Then be willing to put in the effort. Learn how to lay down objectives correctly and commit to seeing them through.

Often, individuals struggle with achieving goals because they make them too ambiguous. For instance, to be healthier or procrastinate less. Such ambiguity diminishes focus.
An example of a specific goal will be, say lose fifteen pounds in one month. And the actionable steps to go to the gym three times weekly, stop snacking after eight pm, etc.

Choosing Company Wisely

The power of connections.
When it comes to the company you keep, you must be selective and wise- their voices shape your thinking.

Sometimes there’s no change in life because you are stuck with people without vision. So, together you sail through life. Their limiting perceptions rub off on you. They believe life is hard, wish on certain things but are not willing to make an effort to change. Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset means connecting with the right people. The social circles, friends, mentors you associate with collectively form your mentorship.

I wrote more about the impact of the wrong mentorship and how to choose mentors in this book.

Taking Risks
The power beyond the comfort zone.

Uncommon success and risk-taking have an inevitable connection. The world keeps evolving whether you are a willing participant or not. Moreso today.

To stay relevant, you have to be willing to take a chance on new ideas and opportunities, no matter how scary. Take the example of Blockbuster and Netflix. Netflix chose to take risks and move with the trends while blockbuster rested on its initial success, only to declare bankruptcy later.

The comfort zone is a place of stagnation.

Exercising Self-Compassion
The power of self-acceptance.
Self-compassion helps you to accept mistakes and failures so that you can learn from them and move forward. Take stock of the journey from time to time to appreciate how far you’ve come. It’s the best way to show yourself kindness. People who fail to be kind to themselves during failure find it hard to let go and learn from the experience.

Final Thoughts

The road to achieving uncommon success will have unexpected turns, detours, and dead ends, but if you persist and do the right things, you’ll get there. It’s time to ditch the fixed mindset and adopt the growth mindset.

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